My Mission  

I’m proud in my mission to support WOMEN in being seen, it’s what makes my creative heartbeat. I search for alternative representations of femininity through photography to discover the strength and depth of its capacity. 

Sport is a constant in my life, since mud loving cross-country competitions as a kid to blocking days to savour test cricket, from running the London marathon to screaming my lungs out watching rugby, I believe in sport. It’s been my medicine, helping to manage a chronic illness and developed resilience and determination to make a life in photography. This passion for and deep understanding of the body is expressed in my images.

Based in North London, accompanied by Ruby the Welsh terrier (my PA extraordinaire) you might find us practising dog agility (I need the training, Ruby’s got it!), exploring our beloved London or relaxing with a gin cocktail.

Helping business hearts stand out

The human brain is extremely visual, it identifies with images within 13 milliseconds, and 90% of all information received by the brain is visual. Images make a difference, in life, in marketing and great images make people feel something, those emotions create powerful connections between people and brands. The emotions you evoke in your marketing images should be intentional, strategic and to be really successful there should be consistency, like your brand colours, design, tone and approach. 

Do you admire the evocative imagery of big brands and wish to bring them to life in your business. If you wonder what your X factor is, and how you might express the unique position and values your business embraces. Constantly searching for images, which align to feed the hungry online world?

Together, we uncover these all-important messages. In a step-by-step, done with you, creative process, we define the visual stories to express the essence of your business. Resulting in beautifully crafted images, unique to YOUR brand and which speak directly to YOUR audience.  

What my clients say 

I’ve worked with brands such as Reebok, Liforme, triyoga, and recently the UK Invictus athletes for Sage. I produce clean step-by-step instruction images used by magazines like Health and Fitness, Yoga Journal and Weight Watchers in addition to more evocative lifestyle details. I love to help ambitious businesses create authentic images and explore their unique voice in personal brand and online story sessions.  

” I hadn’t expected so much care, safe guidance and direction in helping me find what I was looking for. My brand was helpfully evolved and the description I now use to explain my style of teaching was born from those pictures.” 

Nikita Akilapa  

Who I love to work with 

I love brave clients who are committed to the process. Who desire to push the boundaries to create the extraordinary. You believe in teamwork and relish the challenge to explore and grow your brand. You know I can’t read minds and that collaboration will build this vision to produce images, which communicate your business heart to the world. 

If this is you, I offer all my (slightly obsessive) perfectionism, met by the spirit of a terrier, tenacious, loyal and fun. Fiercely passionate in the things I care about and determined in digging for your treasure. If you are looking for images of quality and authenticity and believe in being part of something bigger in your visual stories and branding, then chances are, we are a good fit.  

“I could see something special and inspiring about Karen’s images. The balance of softness & strength was an element I wanted to tap into as well as working with someone who understands movement. Every aspect of the process was incredible and I couldn’t have been happier with the images. When I saw the campaign with sporting women, I felt part of something bigger.” 

Tass Arya

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